Agricola de Cologne’s curatorial activities can be divided in two parts

  • 1990-1994
  • 2000- …..
  • Agricola de Cologne started curating in 1990, after he founded ARCHA Society Foundation (ARCHA e.V. – Archives and Research for Contemporary Humanism and Art)

    He curated for ARCHA between 1991-1994

  • 1. International ARCHA Conference in Görlitz/Germany 1991
  • Patronage The Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony
    Prof. Dr. Kurt Biendenkopf

  • 2. Stig Danielson (Sweden) 2002-2004 – EXILE – drawings from war in Afghanistan
  • 3. Retrospective Josef Presser (Poland/USA) 2003-2004
  • In 2000, Agricola de Cologne started his Internet based activities by fouding Le Musee di-visioniste – the new museum of networked art – as a platfor for art and new technologies, whereby besides the participatory and networking aspects consequently curatorial aspects came into foreground.
    The difference between the first and the 2nd curating phase is, that curating became a part of his artistic expression after 2000 manifesting itself in numerous projects like they are listed on
    curatorial projects.

    To Agricola de Cologne, curating does not mean just organising an exhibition project, but basically taking responsibility for (which means curating) contents, artists, artworks, collaborating and networking partners like curators, institution or organisations which are involved in the complex project environments and not to forget the available virtual and physical art space.

    For project environments like – JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art –
    he started in 2000 curating virtual exhibitions space as one of the first people on the net and created and designed special contexts and interfaces for the projects to be realized projects,
    18 curated projects in total until 2005.

    in 2003, Agricola launched on the daywhen the Iraq War began, his project “Violnce Online Festival”, a curatorial challenge running until 2005.

    Since 2004, he focussed on creating his project environments in an exchange between virtual and physical space, so he extended his curatorial activities to physical space as well, just to mention the global networking project [R][R][F]200x—>XP – and platforms which have there the origin like VideoChannel – video project environments and SoundLAB – sonic art project environments, launched @ Biennale of Electronic Art 2004 in Perth/Australia.

    His curatorial activities encompass a wide range of New Media and digital art activities in the field of netart (Internat based art), streaming media, soundart, digital film and video and digital photography.

    As another result of this Biennale in Perth 2004, Agricola de Cologne created his own publishing platform “NetEX” – networked experience –, and started curating on this new field.

    In 2005, Agricola de Cologne founded in the framework of VideoChannel CologneOFF – Cologne International Videoart Festival ,
    a mobile film and video festival to be organised simultaneously online and physical space (via cooperations)and artvideoKOELN as a curatorial platform.

    In 2006, he designed the 1st project exclusively for the exhibition in physical space, entitled: ://Selfportrait – a show for Bethlehem – a show for Peace,
    a media art exhibition incorporating different digital media like video, photography, soundart, multi-media etc.

    In 2009, he also launched, the project “Draft title: Shoah” and in this context “Shoah Film Collection” and as a result of it “Collective Trauma Film Collections” –

    After the unexpected success of CologneOFF, he re-named CologneOFF in 2006 to Cologne International Videoart Festival, and launched in 2009 the festival as a nomadic project in collaboration with networking partnes around the globe, in this way and due its experimental character, CologneOFF became not only an artistic and curatorial, but also a networking challenge.
    In 2012, he extended CologneOFF about some new formats like One minute films, animations and experimental documentary.

    In 2012, Agricola de Cologne reactivated and resdesigned his project environment “A Virtual Memorial” as a foundation and a center for commemorative interventions –, an experimental event framework for “Draft title: Shoah”, with manifestations in Riga, Warsaw, Vilnius, Phnom Penh, Milan, Tiomisoara, Tel-Aviv.

    After 10 years rapid and exciting media development, Agricola finalized CologneOFF as a festival project at the end of 2014, whereby CologneOFF will be maintained as an exhibition format in the context of artvideoKOELN international, the curatorial platform which will be concentrating all curatorial activities by Agricola de Cologne.

    Many of his curated projects incorporate artists and other instances from many countries on the globe, and one might call Agricola de Cologne the first virtual and global curator, since he uses the communicating media for creating a world wide web of art activities and projects of different kind.

    His projects are presented and realised in cooperation with numerous art institutions and organisations and he is also invited to co-organize and co-curate festivals and media art exhibitions in different parts on the globe.

    As his specific type of art working, curating takes a particular influence on the perception of the artworks , since they follow the classical idea of the “collage” resulting most complex and dynamic constructions of different identity and authenticity in the framework of an interactive context.

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